Endless Clear Ice

                      at your fingertips

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Place The Trays

Wash the trays before each use.


Fit the Ice Trays into the required cooler. The middle lips of both trays should overlap.

NOTE: It will look as if the trays do not fit. Once the water is in it will displace the silicone. Help it by adjusting the sides of the silicone. Also, the more your use the cooler the more it will expand for a very snug fit.

Fill With Water

Fill to the desired height. 

2-3 inches is recommended. 

Place In Freezer

Do not place anything within three inches of the top of cooler. 

0 degrees F is recommended.


Approximate Freeze Times:

2 inches -  24 hours

3 inches - 48 hours

Extract Perfection

Take out of freezer.


To break up surrounding ice, slightly pull the walls of the freezer away from each other at the top.


Always lift from the OUTER corner lips to extract the trays. 

Important Note: Do not place hands in cooler water after extraction. Sharp ice shards may be present.

Be careful with sharp ice.


Make Sure The Cooler Fits Your Freezer

Cooler Dimensions - 13.5" X 22.5" X 12" HIGH