Endless Clear Ice

                      at your fingertips

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Place The Trays

 Wash your trays with soap and water. Place empty Ghost Ice trays into the cooler



 (Pull on the sides of the cooler until you hear a pop, this will condition the cooler for the trays to fit better.)

Fill With Water

Fill cooler up to the desired height of ice cube. Fill the trays between 2 inches and 3 inches high.

 (Use safe lifting when lifting cooler. Two people when lifting is recommended. 75 -100 LBS)

Place In Freezer

 Place in freezer without cooler lid set at 5 -15 degrees  F . (The warmer the clearer)

Leave in for 24-48 hours.

Length of time depends on the height of the ice cube. 


Approximate Freeze Times:

2 inches -  24 hours

3 inches - 48 hours

Note: 2 to 3 cubes may gather frost on top due to the natural water expansion.

Extract Perfection

After freeze time, take out of freezer and let sit for 15 Minutes. Then pull the cooler apart on each side. (This makes retrieval easier.) 

 Remove ice trays from cooler by pulling UP with two hands from an outside corner using forearms on cooler as leverage.  After trays are released, flip over and press on the backs with your palm to release perfect ice.  
(The corners of the ice are very sharp. Do not pull toward your body, this can damage your trays.)


Make Sure The Cooler Fits Your Freezer
Cooler Dimensions - 13.5" X 22.5" X 8.5" HIGH