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Endless Clear Ice

                      at your fingertips


Ghost Ice Commercial

Full Instructions

Spheres set up

Tall Cube 1.3 x1.3  set up

Important links and best practices 

Cautions and Disclaimers

Caution: DO NOT FREEZE LONGER THAN 3 DAYS. The natural water will make it very difficult to extract the trays.

Note: 1 or 2 cubes may gather frost on top due to the natural water expansion, and freezer temperature. 

WARNING: Please use safe lifting when lifting the filled Ghost Ice System. Team Lift is recommended.

WARNING: Discard all of the water left in the cooler after use. DO NOT TOUCH THE ICE WATER UNDER THE TRAY. IT WILL HAVE SHARP CRYSTALS. Failure to follow this instruction could lead to severe lacerations.

BY purchasing you agree to understand and accept these Disclaimers.

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