Endless Clear Ice

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1. What are the trays made of?

A. The trays are made of high strength food grade FDA approved silicone.

2. Is the cooler included?

A. At this time the cooler is not included, but you can find the recommended cooler
online HERE

3. Can I use a different cooler / ice chest?

A. Yes. Keep in mind, the Ghost Ice trays were specifically designed for two trays to fit in THIS cooler. However, you can always cut the silicone grids to fit any cooler, given that the height is at least 9 inches.

4. What is Directional Freezing?

A. Visit the HOW section for more information. Watch founder Tony Gonzales on NPR teach about this method.

5. What kind of freezer do I need?

A. You can use a walk-in freezer or a chest freezer (>7 cubit).

6. Can I make Ghost Ice at home?

A. We are currently in the prototype phase for the Home Use version.

7. How long does it take to make clear ice?

A.  It takes roughly 24 hours to make 2 inches of clear ice and 48 hours to make over 3 inches. There are variables such as, freezer temperature and position in freezer.

8. Why does one ice cube sometime have clouds?

A. Since the direction of the freeze is pushing the water down, it has to expand. Sometimes it will choose a random cavity to release the impurities. This is natural and will not affect the other cubes. 

9. What is included in the price for Ghost Ice 48?

A. Two silicone trays of 24 cavities each (total of 48 cavities) to be used in a specified cooler..

10. What is the size of each tray?

A. The size of each tray is 13.75" X 9.75" X 4"H. Remember two fit together in THIS cooler.

11. What is the size the required cooler?

A. The size of our recommended cooler is 13.5" X 22.5" X 12" H. Make sure you have adequate space in your freezer.

12. Why did my ice turn out half cloudy?

A. Check to be sure nothing is sitting on top of your cooler. No cooler lid or boxes may be placed within 3 inches of the top of the water.