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Ghost Ice System Compact - Full System

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Great For Smaller Freezers
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Making clear ice has never been easier! 

Smaller freezer? No problem. This compact version is perfect for bars with small freezers and even making clear ice at home! The Ghost Ice cooler is included with this full system to make 12 beautiful clear ice cubes every 30-48 hours using the directional freezing method.

Cubes yield 2”x2”x2.25” in size!


- 1 High Quality FDA Standard Silicone Tray 10.25" W X 8.25" L X 4" H

- Ghost Ice Cooler

Product Dimensions

10.5"L X 8.5"W X 7" H

Caution: DO NOT OVER-FREEZE LONGER THAN 3 DAYS. The natural water expansion may damage the cooler at customers expense

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